Under eyes

Dark circles, hollowness, eye bags? Looking tired no matter how much sleep you get? The under eyes are a make-or-break for a refreshed appearance.

Sometimes eye creams and concealer just doesn’t cut it. If you’re ready to do something that works and enjoy a refreshed look, we’re here to guide you.

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Cause & concerns

Dark circles

Dark circles are a frustrating problem leaving you looking perpetually tired. With multiple causes such as genetics, facial volume loss and lack of sleep, getting the right treatment starts with a consultation.


Under eye hollows are related to both the natural structure of your face, as well as changes that occur with ageing and weight loss.

They give a sunken, aged appearance, as well as making you appear sleep deprived.

Eye bags

Eye bags result from changes in the lower eyelid structure causing fat to protrude where it shouldn’t. They often evolve with age and look worse when you’re lacking sleep.

Treatment Options

Under eye filler

Under eye fillers treat hollowness, dark circles and eye bags.

They are a fast, effective and convenient treatment that can be reversed at any time.

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Crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injections

Treating wrinkles around your eyes gives a refreshed appearance.

Not only will wrinkle reduce, your eyes will look open and rested.

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A surgical eyelid lift is the definitive solution for moderate to severe eye bags and loose skin.

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing assists with wrinkles and mildly loose skin.

Before & after

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Before and after a 2 staged non-surgical treatment for under eye hollows and dark circles.

Our patient had a comprehensive under eye treatment to improve his dark circles. This 2-step correction was accomplished in one appointment, and the results are immediately after his treatment.

We used a 2-staged treatment to improve the appearance of our patient’s under eye hollows and dark circles.

Before and immediately after under eye treatment to reduce hollowness and dark circles.

Results from our non-surgical treatment for under eye hollowness and dark circles.

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    Dark circles under your eyes do have a genetic component. They typically result from a combination of skin quality, pigmentation, facial volume and the shape of the bones around your eye socket.

    A common reason you may look tired all the time is due to the structure of your under eye area.

    Certain combinations of skin quality, facial volume result in genetic hollowness, dark circles and eye bags.

    People with these features are often perceived as being perpetually tired, regardless of the amount of quality sleep they have.

    A lack of sleep can contribute to the appearance of dark circles.

    Sleep deprivation changes the way your blood flows. As the under eye skin is delicate, these changes are visible through the skin, creating blue discolouration which is perceived as dark circles.

    Allergies contribute to the development of permanent dark circles. If you experience eye irritation during an allergic reaction, this inflammation can result in skin pigmentation.

    Rubbing the irritated skin also worsens pigmentation, creating more pronounced dark circles around your eyes.

    Sleep deprivation causes dilation of the blood vessels around your eyes. This can make eye bags appear worse.

    Hollow under eyes are typically the result of a lack of structure around the lower eyelid and cheek.

    Some people naturally have large eye sockets and a lack of cheek fat, giving a hollow appearance from a young age.

    These are also factors that develop with age, which is why hollow under eyes can make you look older.

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