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Removal of excess abdominal skin.

Accordion lines

Vertical wrinkles on the lower cheek, usually most visible when smiling.


Cosmetic, physical attractiveness as seen through the eyes.

Anti-wrinkle injections

An injectable treatment to reduce the appearnce of dynamic wrinkles.


Blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the tissues.


The process of changing.

Dermal filler

An injectable gel used to volumise and augment features, especially those on the face.

Dynamic wrinkles

Creases on the skin seen during facial expression.

Frown lines

Wrinkles between the eyebrows.


An cluster of inflammatory tissue and cells.


A restriction in blood supply to the tissue. Usually due to a vascular occlusion in the context of dermal filler injections.


Sagging skin and fat compartment that descends below the front part of the jawline.

Marionette lines

Folds of skin that extent from the mouth corners down and out towards the jawline.


Large paired muscle located at the back of the jawline. Used for chewing.

Nasolabial folds

Skin folds that extend from beside the nostrils down and out towards the mouth corners.


Death of body tissue, usually resulting from an untreated vascular occlusion in the context of dermal filler injections.


Small, firm lumps of tissue.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

An injectable procedure for reshaping the nose.


Commonly known as having the ears pinned back.


A surgical procedure for changing the appearance of the nose.

Smile lines

Any line, wrinkle or fold seen when smiling. Typically refers to nasolabial folds and accordion lines.

Smoker lines

Vertical lines across the upper and lower lip. Also known as barcode lines.

Static wrinkles

Creases on the skin seen when the face is without expression.


Large paired muscle extending from the back of the neck, out to the shoulders, and down the upper back.


Removing mucosal cushions inside the nose to improve breathing.

Vascular occlusion

A complication from dermal filler injections where a blood vessel has been blocked, usually due to the injection of filler inside the vessel.


A vessel which takes blood away from the tissues to the heart.

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