Are under eye fillers worth it?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

Treatment guide

Discover the vital information you MUST know about are under eye fillers worth it? with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    When deciding on whether or not to get under eye fillers, it all comes down to value. Is under eye filler really worth it? Or is it all hype. Here, we’ll break down the pros and cons of under eye filler to help you determine if under eye filler is worth it for you.

    What do under eye fillers help with?

    Under eye dermal fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment designed to rejuvenate the appearance of the area below your lower eyelids. They are quick, convenient, and effective treatment, and are most commonly used to improve the appearance of dark circles, hollowness, and eye bags.

    How effective are under eye fillers?

    Dermal fillers are an effective option for mild to moderate under eye concerns. While they are not recommended for severe issues, most people can benefit from the treatment when it is done correctly. As the skin and soft tissue below your eyes are very delicate, using under eye filler too aggressively can result in persistent swelling and lumps. For this reason, we always aim for a partial correction when treating the under eye.

    How much do under eye fillers cost?

    The cost of under eye fillers can vary significantly depending on the extent of your concern, and the experience of the injector. You can expect to pay anywhere from $400-$2500 for your treatment. It is vital not to choose a clinic based on price, as there is very little room for error when it comes to injecting fillers under the eyes. Many inexperienced clinics also don’t know how to properly assess your suitability, meaning while you may pay less, you could end up having a treatment that won’t work.

    How long do under eye filler results last?

    While the average longevity of under eye filler is quoted as 12-24 months, there is new evidence showing that it can last for many years. This is another reason to ensure that you choose the right clinic for your under eye fillers.

    What is the downtime after under eye fillers?

    It’s important to know what kind of recovery you can expect after under eye fillers. After your treatment, you can get back to almost all activity immediately. While there are some limitations on what you can do (like avoiding makeup, alcohol, and intense exercise), for the most part, under eye fillers are truly a no downtime treatment.

    What are the risks of under eye fillers?

    There are a number of potential side effects from under eye fillers. Most of them occur when the treatment is performed in an unsuitable candidate, something that occurs very often due to poor industry training and regulation. Luckily, most problems can be fixed by dissolving the fillers, but like all complications, they are best avoided wherever possible.

    Some of the more frequent side effects of under eye fillers include swelling and bruising. These all occur to some degree, and usually resolve in 1-2 days. Rarer risks (although still common with untrained injectors) are chronic swelling, multiple severe lumps, and skin discolouration. These result from under eye filler injected imprecisely and lazily.

    Very rare risks of under eye fillers include infections and damage to the skin. Careful injection techniques are vital to keep risks like these to a minimum.

    Are under eye fillers worth it?

    So, are under eye fillers worth it? Well, it depends. Consider the concerns you have, how much they affect you, and the costs, risks, recovery, and potential results we’ve discussed above. Most people who have under eye fillers performed properly love their results. But, you must ensure you are properly assessed for suitability, and that you choose a trustworthy practitioner to safely and effectively perform your under eye fillers.