Brow line & wrinkle treatment

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Treating wrinkles along the brow is a very popular cosmetic treatment. Wrinkles along your brow are usually treated with frown line anti-wrinkle injections, with results lasting 3-5 months on average.

    For deep lines along your brow, you may also need to combine frown line anti-wrinkle injections with frown line fillers.

    What causes brow lines?

    Brow lines result from damage to the skin that occurs from repeated movement of the glabella (the area between your eyebrows) when making a frown or scowling expression. Scowling and frowning bunches the skin between your brows, cause if to crease and furrow. Over time, these furrows become etched into the skin and brow line wrinkles develop. The muscles responsible for scowling are the procerus, the corrugator supercilii and the depressor supercilii muscles.

    Diagram of the brow muscles.

    How are brow lines treated?

    The first line treatment for brow lines are anti-wrinkle injections to the frown muscles. These are very effective at improving the appearance of brow lines for up to 5 months. The treatment works by relaxing the glabella muscles, reducing skin bunching.

    For deeper, more permanent brow lines, combining anti-wrinkle injections with frown line filler may be needed. Frown line filler adds support to the brown lines, effectively filling them out.

    How many units are needed to treat frown lines?

    Anti-wrinkle product is measured in units. The number of units required to treat brow lines depends on the size and strength of your glabella muscles. Most people have 15-25 units across 5-7 injection sites to treat their brow lines.

    How do you treat brow lines?

    Generally, 5-7 injections are placed into the muscles of the brow line. Very tiny needles are used to place the product in the corrugator muscles, the depressor supercilia muscles and the procerus muscle.

    How long does it take for brow line anti-wrinkle injections to work?

    Anti-wrinkle injections take up to 14 days to work when placed along the brow line. The result then gradually wears off over an average of 3-5 months.

    Diagram demonstrating the longevity of anti-wrinkle product.

    Anti-wrinkle injections

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