Cosmetic treatments for men

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Cosmetic treatments and facial rejuvenation for men in Sydney & Melbourne

    Here at Cosmetic Connection, we treat a large number of male patients compared to the typical cosmetic clinic. From our inception, we have catered for both men and women equally.

    Each year more men are booking with us for cosmetic treatments. Some men are introduced to cosmetic treatments by their partners. Others want to look their best at work, concerned that as they age they may be pushed out of their role.

    No matter your reason, the team at Cosmetic Connection are qualified, experienced and skilled in treating men.

    There are big differences in the way a male face is appraised and treated. We know that your privacy is critical. Its not something you may want your friends, colleagues or even your partner to known about.

    While men can benefit from most cosmetic treatments, there are certain procedures that have proven to be popular among men.

    The most popular treatments for men at Cosmetic Connection clinics in Sydney and Melbourne include:

    The differences between treating men and women

    There are key differences when it comes to treating men compared to women.

    • Men generally need 1.5-2 times the number of anti-wrinkle units when treating wrinkles
    • We must avoid lifting the outer tails of the eyebrows
    • Treating the lower face should aim to widen the chin and jawline
    • The cheeks should be straight over the bones, and flat at the front

    Anti-wrinkle treatments for men in Sydney & Melbourne

    Here at Cosmetic Connection we treat many men with anti-wrinkle injections every year. The most common areas men have treated are forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet.

    Before and after anti-wrinkle injections for this male patient treating his frown and forehead lines.

    Treating male wrinkles with cosmetic injectables

    Men with deeper, more permanent wrinkles may notice that anti-wrinkle injections do not fully correct their concerns. In such cases you can combine anti-wrinkle injections with dermal filler. This achieves a more pronounced improvement in wrinkles by reducing skin bunching and supporting the skin.

    Dermal filler treatments for men in Sydney & Melbourne

    Dermal fillers have two purposes when treating a man’s face.

    The first is to restore facial volume that is lost with age or weight loss. This generally affects the temples and cheeks, making them appear hollow. Temple filler and cheek filler are very common treatments requested by men, and work well in combination with anti-wrinkle injections.

    The second is to enhance certain facial features to make them look sharper, more defined and more masculine. Many features of the male face can be enhanced with dermal filler in a way that looks natural, yet noticeable. Common areas men get dermal filler to enhance their appearance include:

    Sculpting a structured male jawline with dermal filler

    We can use dermal filler injections to strengthen and define jawline. This is a powerful treatment that can add structure to your face, making it look more masculine.

    Before and after masculinising jawline filler for this male patient.

    Learn more about male jawline fillers.

    Using dermal filler to sculpt chiselled cheeks in men

    Dermal fillers can be used to add definition to the cheekbones giving a more angular, masculine appearance.

    Before and after male cheekbone fillers (the chin, jawline and nose were also treated).

    Learn more about male cheek fillers.

    Double chin fat injections for men in Sydney & Melbourne

    Double chin fat injections are a popular treatment for men who want to reduce excess under chin fat. Not only does this reduce under chin fat, but it also enhances the definition of your jawline. This treatment is powerful because the treated fat cells do not return, meaning you don’t have to worry about maintenance sessions.


    Learn more about male double chin fat injections.

    If you’re looking for cosmetic injectables like anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers for men in Sydney and Melbourne, get in touch or book an appointment with the team at Cosmetic Connection today.