Does under eye filler look natural?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    If you’re looking for an effective treatment for under eye hollows, dark circles and eye bags, you’ll no doubt have come across under eye fillers. Also known as tear trough fillers, under eye fillers add structure and support the lower eyelids. This improves the appearance of your eyes, giving a brighter, rested look.

    While not suitable for everyone, under eye fillers can be an effective treatment option. But before deciding whether or not to book in for under eye fillers, it’s vital to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.

    Where is the under eye area (tear trough)?

    The under eye is the area located between your lower eyelid and cheek, extending in a curved shape from the inner corner of your eye, around to the outer corner. It is normal to have a slight hollowness in the inner aspect of the under eye. This is known as a tear trough, and it often carries a slightly darker colour compared to the surrounding skin.

    Some people have naturally deeper, longer tear troughs, while others notice their under eyes become hollow and sunken with age. Reducing the appearance of your tear troughs with under eye fillers can improve a tired look, improve dark circles, and disguise small eye bags.

    Am I suitable for under eye fillers?

    Assessing your suitability for under eye fillers is vital in achieving a great result. Just because you have a tear trough does not mean you are a good candidate. The most important factor that determines your suitability for under eye fillers is the quality of your skin. Thin, weak skin (that occurs with ageing) is not strong enough to hold the filler down. Using under eye fillers in such cases has a high risk of resulting in long-term swelling and lumps, and may require the under eye fillers to be dissolved.

    A good injector will know how to assess your under eye skin to determine your suitability for fillers.

    Do under eye fillers look natural?

    When performed correctly, in the right candidate, the result from under eye fillers gives a naturally refreshed appearance. A soft, hyaluronic acid based dermal filler is most often used, as it sits nicely beneath the delicate under eye skin, giving a subtle, smooth result.

    Natural looking results from under eye fillers combined with cheek fillers for added support to the lower eyelids.

    How to ensure a natural result from under eye fillers?

    To get a natural-looking result from under eye fillers, the first step is ensuring you’re a suitable candidate. You can consider options like needling to keep your skin in great condition, allowing you to enjoy natural under eye filler results for years to come. The second step is to ensure the under eye area is adequately supported. Facial volume deficiency in the temple and cheek contributes to under eye hollows. Before placing filler directly under the eyes, the temple and cheek areas must be corrected. This draws tension on the under eye skin, allowing us to better fill the tear trough. If these surrounding areas are neglected, more filler is needed in the under eye itself, significantly increase the risk of a side effect like swelling and lumps.

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