What factors should I consider before undergoing a side profile enhancement?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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Discover the vital information you MUST know about side profile balancing with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    Deciding to undergo a side profile enhancement involves careful consideration of various factors. Ensuring you make an informed decision it the first step to a safe and successful treatment.

    Personal Goals and Expectations

    • Specific concerns: You must have a good understanding of what aspects of your side profile you want to change.
    • Realistic expectations: Understand the limitations of each approach. Non-surgical options generally provide more natural-looking results. You must clearly define your goals to your chosen provider so they can provide accurate advice about your suitability.
    • Desired longevity: Consider how long you want the results to last. Some areas of your side profile can be treated with modalities that last many years, while other areas achieve more temporary results.

    Suitability and Safety

    • Medical history: You should advise your practitioner if you have any underlying health issues, which may affect your treatment.
    • Psychological: It is important to have a good understanding of your motivations to augment your side profile. Be realistic about the results you want.

    Procedure and Recovery

    • Procedure type: Research and understand the specifics of each approach. Each type of treatment and area of your side profile will have risks and benefits. A consultation with a reputable provider is key here.
    • Downtime and recovery: Anticipate the recovery time involved. Non-surgical modalities typically have no downtime,
    • Cost and finances: Always check what types of costs will be associated with your side profile enhancement. The cost can vary significantly depending on how extensive your treatment is.

    Choosing the Right Provider

    • Qualifications and experience: It is absolutely critical to choose a qualified cosmetic doctor for your side profile. Ensure they have experience and have performed a large number of side profile enhancements.
    • Consultation and communication: Choose a professional who listens attentively to your concerns, addresses your questions, and sets realistic expectations. Beware providers who over-promise results and downplay limitations.

    Remember, enhancing your side profile is a personal decision. Carefully consider the above factors so that you can make an informed decision about your side profile with confidence.

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