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By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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Discover the vital information you MUST know about jawline augmentation & fillers with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    General Questions about Jawline Sculpting

    What is jawline sculpting?

    Jawline sculpting is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses a combination of modalities to improve the shape, definition, and symmetry of your jawline.

    Dermal fillers are the most common treatment used to enhance your jawline, but the procedure may also incorporate botulinum toxin, threads, and fat dissolving injections.

    Does jawline sculpting work?

    Jawline sculpting is the most effective way to improve the appearance of your jawline without surgery. While there are limitations, when performed correctly almost all concerns people have about the appearance of their jawline can be improved.

    How long does the jawline sculpting procedure take?

    The time taken to perform jawline sculpting depends on the extent of the treatment. Most treatments to enhance your jawline take 10-20 minutes.

    Is jaw sculpting permanent? How long does it last?

    The results from jawline sculpting are long-lasting but not permanent. Areas treated with dermal fillers typically last out to 24 months, jawline slimming botulinum toxin injections last 6-9 months, and jawline thread lifting lasts 12 months.

    An exception is for fat dissolving injections. Used in jawline sculpting to reduce under chin fat, fat dissolving injections permanently remove fat cells.

    How can a woman get a sharper jawline?

    There are a few options for women looking to sharpen their jawline.

    • Natural options: The simplest and safety way to improve the appearance of your jawline is by maintaining a healthy weight. Excess body fat can cause your lower cheeks and under chin to become fuller, causing a loss of jawline definition.
    • Non-surgical treatments: If you find that your jawline isn’t as sharp as you’d like and you want a solution that is both convenient and effective, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are a option. A combination of dermal fillers, fat dissolving injections, and lifting threads can improve the definition of your jawline.
    • Surgery: For more dramatic transformation, or if you have significant structural issues, mandibular advancement and genioplasty surgery are more invasive options.

    How do you get rid of a double chin?

    If you are concerned about the appearance of your double chin and want to remove it to improve your jawline, there are 3 approaches:

    • Natural solutions: maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your double chin, improving jawline definition.
    • Non-surgical treatments: you can reduce stubborn double chin fat using fat dissolving injections.
    • Surgery: liposuction is an effective way to reduce a double chin permanently, but comes with more risk, downtime and cost.

    Why are more people considering jawline sculpting?

    Jawline sculpting is becoming a sought-after treatment as more people realise the wide range of benefits having a nice jawline brings. Not only does it improve attractiveness, is makes you look younger, and conveys a sign of health and vitality.

    Jawline Sculpting Procedures

    How is jawline sculpting performed?

    The techniques used in jawline sculpting depend on the treatment modalities. When sculpting your jawline, treatment may involve:

    • Dermal fillers: to add structure and definition along your jawline. They are injected using a small needle or blunt cannula.
    • Fat dissolving: reduces under chin fat, and is most commonly placed using fine needles.
    • Muscle slimming botulinum toxin: is injected to the masseter muscles to reduce the width of your jawline.
    • Thread lifting: involves the insertion of fine absorbable threads to reposition sagging skin along your jawline.

    How do I prepare for my jawline sculpting treatment?

    Proper preparation for jawline sculpting is a crucial step in your treatment. Ensure you avoid alcohol, smoking and intense exercise 24 hours before the treatment, closely shave any facial hair the day before, and remove all makeup before arriving.

    Careful preparation reduces risk and improves your result.

    How painful is jawline filler?

    Most people find jawline filler to be a very comfortable procedure. It is typically rated a 2-3 out of 10 on the pain scale, and there are a number of numbing options available for those concerned about pain.

    Is Botox or filler better for the jawline?

    Whether botox or filler is better for your jawline depends on your specific concerns, unique anatomy, and jawline goals. Botox reduces the width of your jawline by slimming the masseter muscles, while fillers can widen a narrow jawline and improve definition.

    Does jawline filler make your face wider?

    Yes, jawline filler will make your face wider. For men, this is an advantage, as not only will jawline filler improve definition, but it will masculinise their face.

    For women, it is important to be conservative when using jaw fillers for definition, to preserve a more tapered jawline shape.

    Does jawline botox work?

    Yes, jawline botox is a simple yet effective treatment option to improve the appearance of your jawline. By placing botox in the paired masseter muscles at the back of your jawline, you can achieve a slimmer, more tapered face shape.

    What is the aftercare for jawline sculpting?

    After jawline sculpting it is important to follow all post-treatment instructions to expedite healing and reduce the chance of side effects. General jawline sculpting aftercare includes:

    • Keep the area clean and makeup free for 24 hours
    • Avoid alcohol, smoking and intense exercise which can delay healing
    • Do not apply pressure to any treated area until healed

    Jawline Sculpting Cost

    Is jawline sculpting expensive?

    Whether jawline sculpting is expensive depends on many personal factors including your income and the value you place on a sharper jawline. Most people find jawline sculpting to be a far more affordable option than surgery. While the cost may seem high to some, the results are typically long-lasting.

    How much does jawline sculpting treatment cost?

    The cost of jawline sculpting will vary significantly depending on the extent of your treatment. This is dependent on your concerns, anatomy, and jawline goals.

    The average cost for jawline sculpting is $1500-$2500 for women, and $2500-$3500. The higher cost for male jawline sculpting is because men have a larger jaw, and request a more angular shape.

    How much is a jawline filler?

    The cost of jawline filler depends on a number of factors:

    • The skill and experience of the clinician injecting the filler
    • The type of dermal filler used, with better quality products having a higher price
    • The amount of filler injected

    Typically, jawline filler at a good clinic will start from $700-$800, with more comprehensive treatments costing $1500 and above.

    How much is 1ml of jaw filler?

    Jawline filler is not priced by ml. In fact, it is illegal in Australia for clinics to promote fillers this way. The price for jawline filler is related to the type of filler and the clinician injecting it. as well as the specific volume. Fillers also do not always come in a 1ml syringe.

    The typical cost for an experienced clinician to inject a syringe of filler into your jawline is $750-$850. Lower prices often reflect inexperience or fake dermal fillers which carry significant risks.

    How much is jaw filler in Australia?

    The cost of jaw filler will vary depending on the extent of the treatment, the type of filler, and the experience of the clinician. A typical jawline augmentation treatment using dermal fillers with an experienced provider will cost $1500-$3000. Lower costs are seen with very inexperienced providers and illegally important fillers, which both are significant red flags.

    Other Jawline Sculpting Methods

    Can chewing gum help your jawline?

    Chewing gum ma work to improve the definition of your jawline. Chewing involves the masseter muscles, which are the large paired muscles located at the back of your jawline. By exercising them when chewing gum, they can increase in size, improving definition. However, overuse of the masseter muscles is associated with a higher risk of TMJ pain and dysfunction, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching.

    How do you sculpt your jawline naturally?

    The most effective way to sculpt your jawline naturally is to maintain a healthy weight. This keeps the fact along your jawline and under chin to a minimum, improving definition.

    Does mewing actually work?

    There is no evidence to support the use of mewing to increase the shape and definition of your jawline and lower face.

    How can I sculpt my face naturally?

    The only way to sculpt your facial contours naturally is to keep your weight within a healthy range. This minimises the shallow fat on your face and neck, ensuring your natural facial contours are preserved.

    Does Gua Sha really work for the jawline?

    There is no evidence supporting Gua Sha as an effective technique to improve the appearance of your jawline.

    How to get rid of double chin with guasha?

    Their is no evidence demonstrating the guasha will reduce the appearance of a double chin.

    Safety and Risks

    Is jawline sculpting considered to be a safe procedure?

    Jawline sculpting is considered by professionals to be a safe procedure, but with the following conditions:

    • You are treated by an experienced and qualified clinician
    • The treatment uses products approved for use by the TGA or FDA
    • The clinic has processes in place to reduce risk and manage side effects

    What are the risks of jawline sculpting?

    The risks of jawline sculpting depend on the specific modalities performed.

    Jawline filler risks: Bruising, swelling, lumps, migration, infection, and vascular events.

    Jowl thread lift risks: Skin dimples, bruising, swelling, nodules, infections and thread breakage.

    Jawline slimming risks: Smile weakness, bruising and swelling.

    Fat dissolving risks: Infection, temporary lip weakness and skin injury.

    Is jawline sculpting a painful procedure?

    Jawline sculpting has very little discomfort, as long as it is performed with the correct use of numbing. Most treatments will use a combination of topical and injectable anaesthetic to reduce discomfort, with most people rating the pain from jawline sculpting as 2-3 out of 10.

    What are the downsides of jawline fillers?

    Jawline fillers have many advantages, but there are also limitations. The main limitation is that their are limitations in how much of a difference is achievable. Jawline fillers are best for mild to moderate improvements in the appearance of your jawline. Fillers also have risks, so it is important that if you proceed with treatment it is performed by a qualified clinician with high quality products.

    Do jawline fillers cause sagging?

    Jawline fillers do not cause sagging. They are a treatment that can improve the appearance of sagging by restoring structure to the face.

    Will I look worse after jawline sculpting surgery?

    One of the main things to consider before committing to jawline sculpting surgery is that you may not like the result. It is vital to be on the same page as your surgeon, and only let very experienced people treat you.

    If you are concerned about not liking the result from jawline sculpting surgery, you could consider trying non-surgical jawline sculpting first. This approach has temporary results, that can also be reversed in most cases.

    Can jaw botox go wrong?

    Jawline botox has risks, although most are limited and resolve on their own. Some risks of jaw botox include smile weakness and sagging of your jowls.

    To reduce the risk of side effects after jaw botox, ensure you consult with a qualified and experienced doctor.

    Who is unsuitable for jawline sculpting?

    There are some cases where jawline sculpting may not be suitable. These include:

    • Significant structural jawline issues, in which case surgery may be more appropriate
    • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those with allergies to the products use to sculpt the jawline are unsuitable
    • If you have unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved with jawline sculpting, then you are not a good candidate

    Can I shave after jawline sculpting?

    Yes, you can shave after having jawline sculpting, however you should wait for 24 hours after your treatment, and be gentle when you do.

    Shaving with too much pressure within the first 1-2 weeks may affect your result.

    Jawline Sculpting Results

    What should I expect after my jawline sculpting treatment?

    After jawline sculpting is is normal to experience tenderness, redness and swelling which typically subside in 2-3 days. You will notice an immediate result when you’ve had jawline fillers, while areas treated with muscle slimming and fat dissolving will show their result in 6-8 weeks.

    Is jawline sculpting/filler worth it?

    Whether jawline sculpting and fillers are worth it is a personal decision that depends on the following factors:

    • How much your concerns affect you (including severity and frequency)
    • The cost of the treatment
    • What affect a more defined jawline will have on you

    Importantly, many benefits of jawline sculpting are not measurable. While a good clinician can use a consultation to gauge your likely success, they cannot control anything aside from the actual result. How the result makes you feel is something that only you can control.

    Does jaw filler change your smile?

    Jaw fillers do not change the appearance of your smile. As they are structural volumisers, the smile muscles will still work as normal after having them.

    How long do jawline fillers last?

    The longevity of jawline filler depends on the type and amount used. A conservative maintenance treatment is usually needed every 12-24 months, although jawline fillers can last for many years.

    If you are concerned about the longevity of your jawline fillers, consider collagen stimulating injections which consistently last much longer.

    How long does jawline filler take to heal?

    Generally speaking, most people recovery from jawline filler in 2-3 days. The healing process is usually very gentle, with only slight discomfort and swelling being experienced.

    How can I get a sharper jawline?

    There are three general approaches to get a sharper jawline.

    1. Natural options: maintain a healthy weight to reduce facial fat and enhance your jawline.
    2. Injectables: treatments like dermal fillers contour your jawline for sharped definition.
    3. Surgery: best reserved for people with significant structural issues who want a dramatic improvement in their jawline.

    Can I reshape my jawline without surgery?

    Their are two ways to reshape your jawline without surgery:

    1. Natural ways:
      • Maintain a healthy weight to reduce facial fat and slim your jawline
      • Chew gum to exercise your masseter muscles and widen your jawline
    2. Medical procedures:
      • Botox injections into the masseter muscles reduce their size and slim your jawline
      • Dermal fillers improve definition and widen your jawline

    How can I slim my face and jawline fast?

    There are no fast ways to slim your face and jawline. If you are looking for the easiest solutions that work, these are:

    1. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce facial fat
    2. Consult with a cosmetic doctor to discuss potential treatments such as:
      • Jawline botox to slim your masseter muscles (results in 6 weeks)
      • Fat dissolving to reduce under chin fat (results in 8 weeks, multiple treatments required)

    If you want to quickly sculpt a more tapered face without actually slimming it, consider a combination of cheekbone and chin dermal fillers. These emphasise a V-shaped facial structure and give instant results.

    Can jawline sculpting reduce face fat?

    Jawline sculpting is not a treatment to reduce facial fat. There are only 2 effective ways to reduce facial fat:

    1. Maintaining a healthy weight
    2. Surgical treatments like liposuction and buccal fat removal.

    What is jawline slimming?

    Jawline slimming is a treatment involving botox injections to the masseter muscles. The masseters are the paired chewing muscles at the back of your jawline that add width to your lower face. Botox injections relax these muscles which then reduce in size over 6 weeks, slimming your jawline.

    When can I see the result of jawline sculpting?

    The time it takes to see the final result from jawline sculpting depends on the modalities used for your treatment.

    • Jawline fillers give an immediate result.
    • Fat dissolving injections give a result in 8 weeks.
    • Jowl thread lifting gives an immediate result, but allow 4 weeks for the area to settle.
    • Jawline botulinum toxin takes 6 weeks to reach the final result.

    How long does jawline sculpting’s result last?

    The longevity of your jawline sculpting result depends on the modalities used for your treatment.

    • Jawline fillers need maintenance every 12-24 months.
    • Fat dissolving injections only need repeating if you gain significant weight in the future.
    • Jowl thread lifting lasts 12-24 months.
    • Jawline slimming botulinum toxin lasts 6-9 months.

    You can increase the longevity of your jawline sculpting result in two ways:

    1. Ensure your initial treatment is comprehensive.
    2. Stay on top of maintenance treatments by repeating the procedure before your previous results fully wear off.

    Miscellaneous Questions

    Who is a good candidate for jawline filler?

    There are a few vital criteria cosmetic doctors check for when assessing your candidacy for jawline fillers. These are:

    1. Good general health
    2. Not pregnant or breastfeeding: jawline fillers haven’t been proven safe in this cohort
    3. Have good expectations about the range of possible results
    4. Not have significant structural issues with their jawline

    What is a snatched jawline?

    A snatched jawline is a colloquial term for a defined, youthful and attractive jawline.

    Is jawline sculpting right for me?

    Whether jawline sculpting is right for you is a personal decision that should take into account various factors. When deciding if you want to proceed with jawline sculpting, consider these things:

    1. How much you are concerned about the appearance of your jawline
    2. Your budget: can you comfortably afford the treatment?
    3. The risks involved
    4. Any recovery period (although non-surgical treatments generally have little to no downtime)
    5. The possible result: what would you be satisfied with

    After considering the above, the next step is to find a trustworthy clinic and book a consultation to discussed your concerns and learn about the best options based on your preferences.

    Can jawline sculpting treat a long face?

    Jawline sculpting is an effective way to treat a long face. By placing fillers along your jawline, your facial width will better balance the length. Is it important to consider treating your cheekbones as well, to preserve a natural face taper.

    Can jawline sculpting treat a narrow face?

    You can use jawline sculpting to improve the appearance of a narrow face. Injecting jawline fillers will add width, improving your overall facial proportions.

    Can jawline sculpting treat a round face?

    Yes, jawline sculpting can treat a round face. By slimming your jawline with botulinum toxin and adding projection to your chin with fillers your face can be given a more tapered shape.

    Can jawline sculpting treat a double chin?

    Jawline sculpting is an effective way to improve the appearance of your double chin. To achieve this, your treatment may involve a combination of jawline fillers and fat dissolving injections. This reduces under chin fullness and adds support to the jawline, both of which target a double chin.

    Can jawline sculpting treat a square face?

    A square face is treatable with jawline sculpting. For such face shape, chin fillers are combined with jawline slimming injections to the masseter muscles. This slims the lower aspect of the face, and adds facial length, giving a more tapered facial structure.

    What are the benefits of jawline sculpting?

    Jawline sculpting has risen in popularity because of the great results and the benefits which include:

    • Quick, easy and no downtime treatment
    • Reversible results for areas treated with dermal filler
    • Highly precise treatment with results able to be tailored to your unique goals
    • Temporary results means that when maintaining your treatment can be updated in line with you maturing preferences and ageing facial structure

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