How long do lip fillers last?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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Discover the vital information you MUST know about how long do lip fillers last? with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    Lip fillers have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide (thanks, Kylie Jenner). Their ability to sculpt fuller lips and reverse lip ageing means they are here to stay. For people considering lip fillers, one of the first questions is “How long do lip fillers last?”. In this guide, we will explore what influences the duration of lip fillers. You’ll learn valuable insights into the longevity of your lip enhancement.

    The average duration of lip fillers

    Let’s begin with the basics. On average, how long can you expect your lip fillers to last? While it depends on several factors, lip fillers usually last from 6-18 months. But, individual experiences of lip filler longevity may differ.

    Factors influencing the longevity of lip fillers

    The duration of lip fillers is not fixed. Various factors affect the longevity of lip fillers:

    Type of filler used

    The choice of lip filler plays a big role. While all fillers are temporary, thicker ones last longer. This is because they are more-cross-linked: a property that also impacts longevity.

    Metabolism and lifestyle

    Your metabolism and lifestyle impacts how fast your body breaks down lip fillers. You metabolism and general health can affect lip filler longevity.

    Injection technique

    The skill and technique of the practitioner administering the filler can affect longevity. An experienced injector can achieve smooth results with a thicker, longer-lasting lip filler. If inexperienced injectors use thicker lip fillers, they have a higher risk of causing lumps.

    Product quality

    The quality of the lip filler product matters. Reputable brands with TGA approval provide more consistent and longer-lasting results.

    Do lip filler results fade over time?

    Lip fillers do not disappear abruptly. They are gradually broken down by your body, with results fading slowly.

    Which lip filler brands last the longest?

    All premium brands of lip filler can last a long-time. The brand is not as important as the amount of cross-linking in the lip filler (how thick it is). Every brand has thicker fillers, and no one brand is better than others. Is you want better staying-power of your lip fillers, try a thicker filler before trying a different brand.

    Why did my lip fillers wear off so fast?

    There are 3 reasons why your lip fillers didn’t last:

    Type of lip filler

    Thinner fillers that are not highly cross-linked don’t last as long. These are often used for hydration rather the volumising and reshaping your lips.

    Amount of lip filler

    The more lip filler injected, the longer it will last. Remember, you may need to build your initial lip filler result before maintaining. Expect to need 1-3 initial treatments in the first 6-12 months.


    People with a fast metabolism may break down lip filler more quickly than expected. This is the rarest cause of short lip filler duration.

    Maintaining your lip filler results

    If you want to extend the longevity of your lip filler results, consider the following tips:

    Follow aftercare instructions

    After your lip filler treatment, you’ll be give aftercare steps. Following these lip filler aftercare guidelines can prolong your results.

    Schedule regular touch-up appointments

    Maintaining your lip filler is one of the most effective ways to increase their duration. You should repeat the treatment before your lip fillers wear off to get the most benefit.

    Long-lasting lip fillers at Cosmetic Connection

    While the duration of lip fillers varies, most people get results lasting 6-18 months. Factors like the type of lip filler, the amount, and your metabolism influence how long your lip fillers last.

    Remember that lip filler results fade slowly. You won’t wake up one day with your lips back to normal. To maintain your lip filler results, get your treatment at a reputable clinic for premium lip fillers. Follow all aftercare instructions, and have regular lip filler touch-ups.