Lip filler dissolving: a comprehensive guide

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Lip filler dissolving: the guide to reversing your lip augmentation

    Are you considering reversing your lip fillers? Lip filler dissolving, also called lip filler removal is becoming more common. Why? Chain laser clinics and unqualified practitioners are incorrectly injecting too much lip filler. Whether you don’t like the result, changed your mind, or had a side effect, you need to understand lip filler dissolving. In this guide, we’ll explore lip filler dissolving, including how it’s done, what to expect, and the risks.

    Before and immediately after lip filler dissolving to treat migration. With a careful technique, our patient had minimal swelling and no bruising. It will take a few days for her lips to settle back into their natural shape.

    Understanding lip filler dissolving

    The lip filler dissolving basics

    Lip filler dissolving is the process of removing dermal fillers from your lips. Lip fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid, which are reversible. We reverse lip fillers using an injectable enzyme called hyaluronidase.

    Common reasons for lip filler dissolving

    Unsatisfactory results

    Some people choose to reverse their lip filler because they don’t like how their lips look after the treatment.

    Change of mind

    After lip filler, some people simply change their mind. They want to go back to their natural lip shape and size.

    Side effects

    In rare cases, complications like lumps and migration may occur requiring reversal.

    What are the methods for removing lip fillers?

    Enzyme-based dissolvers

    Enzymes like hyaluronidase can dissolve hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers. We inject them into the lip filler where it breaks down the filler molecules. The body then metabolises them within minutes.

    Puncture & drain

    In the case of lip filler lumps, we can use a tiny needle to puncture your lip. Through the puncture, we squeeze the filler out. You must not try this at home, as it can cause infection if not done properly.


    If you want to remove permanent lip fillers, you will need surgery. A surgeon will make small incisions to remove the permanent lip fillers.

    Combination Approaches

    We can combine lip filler removal techniques depending on the specific issues at hand.

    Risks and side effects of lip filler dissolving

    Allergic reactions

    While rare, allergic reactions to dissolving agents can occur. It is critical that your medical professional knows how to identify and treat allergic reactions. You must also inform your clinician of any allergies before your treatment.
    Allergic reactions can include itching, rashes, abdominal pain, and airway swelling. Immediate medical attention is essential if this occurs.

    Swelling and bruising

    Swelling and bruising are common side effects after lip filler dissolving. You can minimise these by using a cold pack. Proper aftercare can significantly reduce swelling.

    Non enough lip filler dissolved

    If you weren’t treated with an adequate amount of dissolver, you may need more treatments to fully address your concerns.

    Too much lip filler dissolved

    If you only need a small amount of lip filler reversed, there is a chance that too much filler will taken out.

    How to choose a clinic to remove lip fillers

    Research and recommendations

    Start searching online for local medical professionals who offer lip filler dissolving. Look for reviews from independent websites, and ask for recommendations from your friends or family.

    Have a consultation

    Make an enquiry or book a consultation with your preferred clinician. There, you can discuss your concerns, and assess if they are competent in reversing lip filler. Listen to how they speak to determine their expertise, and observe their bedside manner. You can also ask about their training and experience.

    What to expect during lip filler dissolving

    Procedure duration

    Lip filler dissolving generally takes 10-15 minutes. The amount of lip filler requiring reversal determines the duration. Time is also needed to numb the area.

    Pain management

    With adequate pain relief, lip filler dissolving is a comfortable experience. A combination of topical and injectable anaesthetic, and ice are usually the most effective.

    Recovery period

    After dissolving your lip fillers, expect some swelling, bruising, and redness. These side effects are temporary, and you can reduce them with an ice pack. Following all aftercare instructions is the best way to speed up the healing process.

    Safely dissolve lip fillers at Cosmetic Connection

    Lip filler dissolving offers people a way to quickly remove their unwanted lip filler. However, it’s vital to always be careful where you go to remove your lip fillers. Understanding lip filler dissolving and choosing an expert is the best way to ensure a safe treatment.

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