Liquid rhinoplasty: How to get a nose job without surgery

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

Treatment guide

Discover the vital information you MUST know about non-surgical rhinoplasty with our detailed guide written by expert cosmetic doctors.


    A liquid rhinoplasty is a cosmetic medical treatment that involved injecting dermal fillers into the nose to change its shape. As one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in recent years, a liquid rhinoplasty offers a number of key benefits over traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

    The liquid rhinoplasty gets its name from the fact that it is done with dermal filler – a gel substance, and is also commonly referred to as a non-surgical rhinoplasty because it is performed without any cutting, stitches or scalpels.

    Is a liquid rhinoplasty better than rhinoplasty surgery?

    When you want to change the appearance of your nose, the first thing to do is decide on whether you want surgery or to try non-surgical options. A liquid rhinoplasty has a number of attractive benefits when compared to its surgical counterpart.

    • No downtime: A liquid rhinoplasty truly is a walk-in walk-out option that can be completed in less than 20 minutes.
    • Immediate results: Reshaping your nose with a liquid rhinoplasty achieves an immediate result, compared to surgery where you’ll sometimes need to wait for up to a year for the swelling to fully resolve.
    • Fully reversible: The result of a liquid rhinoplasty can be immediately reversed, compared to irreversible surgery that can cause a big headache if you don’t like the result.
    • Lower risk: A liquid rhinoplasty is lower risk than a surgical nose job. This is because it can be reversed, and because it doesn’t require cutting or general anaesthetic.
    • Highly precise: A liquid rhinoplasty can make ultra-precise adjustments to the shape of the nose.

    Surgical rhinoplasty still has an important role, especially for people who have a very large nose. However, the far majority of people are opting to proceed with a liquid rhinoplasty, if not for anything but to try out a new nose before making any permanent changes.

    Is there downtime with a liquid rhinoplasty?

    One of the most popular aspects of a liquid rhinoplasty is that there is no downtime involved. While some people experience mild swelling, redness and tenderness, you can return to almost all activity immediately after your treatment. The most important thing to do after a liquid rhinoplasty is to be very gentle with your nose for the first week while the filler is settling into position.

    Are you ready to book in for a liquid rhinoplasty?

    The cosmetic practitioners here at Cosmetic Connection are industry leaders in liquid rhinoplasty treatments. During your appointment, you can feel secure knowing that you will have a comprehensive assessment and be provided with transparent advice about what can be achieved. We take pride on developing bespoke treatment plans that are aligned with your goals and expectations to help improve the appearance of your nose.

    You can book in for a liquid rhinoplasty (non-surgical rhinoplasty) online, or get in touch with some photos for an opinion on your suitability from one of our expert practitioners.

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