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Frown line filler Melbourne

Frown line filler is cosmetic treatment in Melbourne that improves the appearance of frown lines. Frown lines are the creases between your eyebrows and are a common sign of ageing.

Dermal filler are used to fill out the frown lines, reducing their severity and giving you a softer, refreshed appearance. It can be combined with frown line anti-wrinkle injections for a more comprehensive rejuvenation.


Treatment takes 10-20 mins. No downtime.

Minimal discomfort. Numbing available.

Result is immediate. Reversible if required.

To maintain look, revisit every 12-24 months.


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Noticing wrinkles along your frown line? Constantly squinting when working outside or at a computer No matter the cause, frown lines age you and can cause you to look like you’re constantly in a bad mood. Frown lines are caused by skin bunching that occurs when frowning, scowling and squinting.

Frown line filler is a safe and effective treatment to immediately improve your frown lines. Dermal filler injections are used to immediately improve the appearance of your frown lines.They work by filling in the wrinkle and adding support to the skin, reducing the severity of your frown lines.

Frown line filler is an advanced treatment. Fortunately, the cosmetic doctors here at Cosmetic Connection Melbourne are experienced in the treatment of frown lines. For severe frown lines, we may also recommend combining your frown line filler with frown line anti-wrinkle injections. This not only improves visible frown line wrinkles, but also works to slow down their progression by reducing skin bunching.


Having frown line filler in Melbourne has benefits that include:

  • Reduces the appearance of static frown lines
  • Improves skin quality and hydration
  • Immediate result with no downtime
  • Prevents frown lines from worsening by supporting the skin

Preparation & aftercare

How to prepare for frown line filler in Melbourne:

  • Remove all makeup immediately before your appointment
  • Avoid consuming excessive alcohol within 24 hours of your frown line filler
  • Refrain from intense exercise immediately before your treatment

Frown line filler Melbourne aftercare:

  • Avoid makeup, excessive alcohol and intense exercise until the following day
  • Refrain from applying pressure to your frown line for 7 days
  • Gently apply a wrapped ice pack to the injection sites to minimise swelling and bruising
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    Each frown line filler treatment is perfectly tailored to you.

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    *Our consultation fees are $200 (New patient) and $100 (Repeat patient) and can be redeemed against any future treatment cost.

    The price depends on the product type and quantity, and paired treatment combinations.

    All treatments performed by Cosmetic Connection come with the option of one complimentary follow-up appointment to review your result.

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    Cosmetic Connection is a dedicated frown line filler clinic in Melbourne. Our clinic excels in providing a first-class service, and our cosmetic doctors are some of the most experienced in the country.

    We offer a purely bespoke approach to frown line filler injections in Melbourne, and will work with you to understand your concerns and develop a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

    If you want tailored frown line filler treatment in Melbourne, choose the cosmetic doctors at Cosmetic Connection.

    If you want to improve the appearance of frown lines (the wrinkles between your eyebrows), there are a few options available to you.

    One of the most effective treatments are frown line dermal fillers, that work by supporting the skin and filling out the wrinkles. Frown line anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to soften dynamic wrinkles, and sun protection and skin care can improve your skin quality, making it less prone to wrinkle formation.

    Frown line fillers are can be injected using either blunt-tipped cannulae or tiny, sharp needles.

    When placed carefully using premium dermal fillers that contain local anaesthetic, injecting dermal fillers to frown lines has very little discomfort. For those concerned about pain, we have access to a range of strong numbing options.

    Frown line dermal fillers immediately improve the appearance of wrinkles along your frown line.

    It is important to allow a few days for any swelling to settle, and a few weeks for the filler to integrate before assessing the final result.

    When used to treat frown lines, most people need to maintain their result every 12-24 months on average.

    To prepare for frown line fillers in Melbourne, you should avoid intense exercise and alcohol before your appointment.

    Ensure that you remove all makeup before arriving for your treatment.

    After having frown line fillers in Melbourne, you should avoid alcohol and intense exercise. You can also gently apply a wrapped cold pack intermittently to your frown line for a a few hours to minimise swelling and bruising.

    Frown line dermal fillers are an advanced treatment with rare but significant side effects. For this reason, only Cosmetic Connection’s most experienced cosmetic doctors perform frown line fillers.

    The Cosmetic Connection commitment.

    Only the most experienced Doctors. Only comprehensive and tailored treatments.

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