What are the common reasons for getting under eye filler?

By Dr. Aaron Stanes

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    Under eye fillers are a very popular cosmetic treatment in Australia. When done properly, they give a naturally refreshed appearance, and help you look rested. While effective, under eye fillers can only treat a specific group of concerns in this delicate area.

    What are under eye fillers?

    Under eye fillers are an injectable treatment to improve the appearance of the area below your lower eyelids. The fillers used to treat the under eye area are usually made of hyaluronic acid, a soft gel that is both temporary and reversible. Results from under eye fillers typically last 12-24 months, although new evidence shows they can last far longer in some people.

    Common reasons for under eye fillers

    Under eye fillers are such a popular cosmetic treatment because they are a quick and convenient way to improve many concerns people have about their appearance. While they aren’t suitable for everyone, most common under eye concerns can be quickly and easily treated.

    Under eye hollows and sunken tear troughs

    We can carefully inject under eye fillers to correct hollows. Known as tear troughs, the hollow areas beneath your eyes often give a tired, aged appearance. And while we generally develop deep tear troughs with age due to changing bone structure, some people are genetically prone to them, having deep hollows from childhood. Under eye fillers effectively fill in the sunken areas, and give a refreshed appearance.

    Tired eyes

    Tiredness is seen in our eyes, and often results from a combination of hollowness, shadows, loose skin, and wrinkles. Under eye fillers give a rested appearance by treating all of these concerns, and can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections and cheek filler for a more comprehensive and natural-looking eye rejuvenation.

    Dark circles

    Dark circles result from hollowness, pigmentation and thin skin. While under eye fillers can’t improve pigmentation or thin skin (certain skin treatments like lasers and needling can), by reducing hollows, the shadows cast by your brow bone are reduced. This improves dark circles and brightens your under eye region.

    Eye bags

    Eye bags occur due to protrusion of the fatty tissue beneath your eyes. A common sign of ageing, some people are more prone to bags than others. For small bags, we can use under eye fillers to disguise them by filling in the hollow areas around them. Severe bags generally require surgery.

    Why you might not be suitable for under eye fillers

    While under eye fillers are a popular treatment option to refresh your appearance, they aren’t for everyone. There are generally two main reasons why you wouldn’t be suitable for under eye fillers.

    The first is if the result you want isn’t likely to be achieved. We must use under eye fillers conservatively to avoid side effects, and most people achieve a partial correction. For most, this is enough, however if you are striving for a complete improvement and are likely to be disappointed with anything less, then you should think twice before getting under eye fillers.

    The second is if your skin is too thin, saggy, or inelastic. A good result from under eye fillers requires good skin quality to keep the filler in position. Thin, loose skin is often too weak to do this, and when treated with under eye filler can look swollen and puffy.

    What under eye fillers can’t help with

    Under eye fillers are a great option for some of the more common under eye concerns, and to look rested. However, they aren’t a solution for every problem.

    Lines and wrinkles

    Fine lines and wrinkles are not treatable with under eye fillers. For these, you can consider a combination of skin boosters (which densify the skin), and radio frequency skin needling to replenish collagen.


    Pigmentation needs to be treated with laser, skin care, and sun protection. Under eye fillers are not an effective treatment for pigmentation around your lower eyelids.

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